Monday, January 26, 2009

We're no longer here....

We've moved to which better reflects the subject and region.

Welcome to our Wine Blog

We'll be using this blog to share notes about local wines and wines from our travels and our collection. The opinions are personal, and should not be taken as gospel - you should taste for yourself.

We're writing this blog in part because we feel there are regions in California and elsewhere where extraordinary wines are being neglected because of general ignorance of regions outside the overly publicized (I'm looking at you Napa). The region of particular interest to us is the Santa Cruz Mountains because: (1) it's in our backyard, and (2) it produces some of the very best wines (Uh, Ridge Winery, for starts). Other Northern California regions we explore on a regular basis are Alexander Valley, Anderson Valley, Calaveras County, Livermore Valley, and Lodi.

We've already got some notes from the latest SCM "Passport" weekend, which we'll post shortly.